Our Apples
Early Apples: Picked late August

Apple Tree

William’s Pride: Sweet, juicy, caramel flavored. An excellent summer dessert.

Sansa: Tender, juicy and sweet. An early snacking apple.

Ginger Gold: A balance of sweet and tart with a hint of spice.

Paula Red: Tart, juicy, and crisp. Paula Red is a good apple for snacking or can be used to make an out-of-this-world applesauce.

Tydeman’s Red: Tender, mild, a hint of cinnamon flavor.

Zestar: Balanced sweet and tart, with a mild brown sugar flavor.

Early to Mid Season: Picked September

Blondie: Sweet, tender, and mild, with a subtle caramel flavor.

Jonamac: Tart, crisp, and spicy. The Jonamac is a cross between the classic McIntosh and the tart Jonathan.

Gala: Mild, sweet, and juicy. Gala is an excellent apple for kids, or for adults who are just looking for a mild taste.

Honeycrisp: Super crisp, complex balance of sweet and tart. Find out why more and more people go crazy for this apple every year. It is a unique experience.

McIntosh: Tangy, tender, and juicy. A popular classic since 1811.

Cortland: The perfect baking apple. The Cortland’s white flesh holds its form when cooked.

Golden Supreme: Smooth, sweet, and juicy. Similar to a Golden Delicious.

Mid-Season: Picked late September

Empire: A balance of sweet and tart. The Empire is a cross between the sweet Red Delicious and the tart McIntosh.

Jonagold: Juicy, honeyed flavor. The Jonagold is a cross between the mellow Golden Delicious and the tart classic Jonathan.

Macoun: Very Sweet, juicy, tender, and aromatic. The Macoun is a premium apple which has been a favorite dessert for generations.

Fortune: A full-flavored, spicy apple. The Fortune is cross of the balanced Empire and the vintage flavor of the Red Spy.

Peak Season: Picked October

Crispin (Mutsu): Very crisp, juicy, and refreshing.

Fuji: Sweet, flavorful, and juicy. Fuji is a cross of the sweet Red Delicious and the antique Ralls Janet.

Delicious: Sweet, juicy, and crisp.

Ida Red: Tart, juicy, and firm. Great form-holding ability for baking. Ida Red is a cross between the classic Jonathan and Wagener apples.

Suncrisp: Crisp, spicy, and mild.

Northern Spy: Juicy, crisp, rich flavor. A good dessert apple.

Spy Gold: Sweet, crisp, rich flavor. The Spy Gold is a cross between the Northern Spy and the Golden Delicious.

Braeburn: A traditional sweet apple with a crisp, yellow flesh for snacking

Granny Smith: Crisp, juicy, and tart. The classic ‘sour apple.’

Apple Cider

Saratoga Apple CiderAvailable year-round from a constantly changing blend of five or six different varieties of our own tree-picked apples.

We do not use windfalls (drops). Drop apples get cut, bruised, and dirty on the ground. We do not use them in our cider.

We are serious about our cider. We take great care in every step of making it, and we take great pride in the finished product. We know that one sip is all it will take to bring you back for more.

For Hard Cider, please check out the Hard Cider tab.

Baked Goods

Our premium Apple Cider Donuts have been known to inspire jealousy, ecstasy, and even inter-state travel. Come in and get some hot off the press!

We make fresh Chocolate-Chip and Oatmeal-Raisin-Pecan cookies from scratch.

We make fresh Apple Pies year-round using our famous top-secret recipe. Other seasonal pies are often available as well, including Peach-Raspberry and Plum-Ginger. All pies are available in crust or crumb top. Call ahead to custom order or to have us hold a pie. Limited edition, because we make them “from scratch.”

Other Fruit

We don’t just grow Apples. We have a selection of other fruit trees and bushes, including Damson plums, Italian plums, sweet and sour cherries. We also grow asparagus, fresh raspberries all summer, and black currants are available upon request.


More than just apples. You can find a variety of fruits and veggies at Saratoga Apple.We grow a large selection of our own biologique veggies. From Pumpkins and Tomatoes, to Garlic, Zucchini, and Potatoes, we have a large variety for all seasons. We also stock a selection of produce from other local farms, ensuring a good selection of the best quality.